Correspondence With US Bank

January 29, 2018US Bank

Here’s the letter we sent to US Bank outlining concerns about Energy Transfer Partners. And here’s the response from the bank.

US Bank’s Empty Promise

January 27, 2018US Bank

When ETP announced it was going to refinance its debt last November, our ears perked up. Amid the resistance to Dakota Access,  several of ETP’s lenders said they wouldn’t renew their loans. Now that the dust had settled at Standing Rock, would the banks follow through? Neither ING nor DNB joined ETP’s new $5 billion … Read More

Unfree: My battle against Texas Oil & Gas

January 27, 2018Uncategorized

Blog by Lori Glover of the Big Bend Defense Coalition I now know what it feels like to be “unfree.” My husband Mark was arrested last Friday morning, Jan 19th, and incarcerated overnight in Marfa, TX, for an expired license plate.  The same weekend felony charges against Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protester Red Fawn Fallis … Read More

Construction of Bayou Bridge has begun!

January 25, 2018Bayou Bridge

Family, it has begun. The bulldozers have arrived and I have witnessed the sight of several hundreds-years-old trees ripped and shattered into toothpicks. #EnergyTransferPartners is preparing to create, or widen to, a 100 foot wide, 174 mile long scar across our lands and waters. The true cost of this project lies not on the corporate … Read More

US Bank Quietly Joins $4B Deal with Dakota Access Owner

December 20, 2017US Bank

Desmog summarizes the latest developments with US Bank. At a shareholder meeting this past spring, U.S. Bank announced it would be the first large American bank to completely stop issuing loans for oil and gas pipeline construction projects. Environmental groups, indigenous activists, and divestment advocates hailed U.S. Bank’s announcement as a triumph. Yet that triumph — and … Read More