Ellen Gerhart, 63, has been targeted by Energy Transfer Partners with contempt of court claims for monitoring pipeline construction on her own land.


Huntingdon, PA: Late this afternoon, four officers with the Huntingdon County Sheriff’s Department arrested Ellen Sue Gerhart, 63, on her own property. The arrest comes after pipeline builder Energy Transfer Partners filed a motion to revoke Gerhart’s bail, making a slew of ludicrous claims against her. Among ETP’s claims, supposedly Ellen baited bears and mountain lions onto the easement of the Mariner East 2 Pipeline which runs through the Gerhart property. Mountain lions have not been spotted in Pennsylvania since the 1930s.

Ellen Sue Gerhart is a retired special ed teacher and longtime Huntingdon County resident who has lived on her family’s land for 35 years in peace. The numerous claims made against her – as well as her late-Friday arrest – appear to constitute direct retaliation for Ellen and her family’s legitimate, ongoing advocacy to protect their land and Pennsylvania’s waterways from environmental threats posed by the Mariner East 2 project.

“Energy Transfer Partners is yet again fabricating charges against my mom in attempt to silence her,” said Ellen’s daughter Elise. “Claims of wild animal baiting are ludicrous. There aren’t even mountain lions anymore in Pennsylvania. ETP are the ones doing the baiting, goading our local authorities with lies to intimidate and abuse my family. Look at who has actually inflicted damage here: ETP has poisoned dozens of families wells across the state, spilled over 100 times, and harassed and intimidated anyone who opposes them.”

Since pipeline construction began on the Gerhart property, Ellen has spent countless hours monitoring and documenting construction activity. Given that ETP has recorded well over 100 spills and contaminated well water of over a dozen families since construction began, Ellen and her family did not trust state regulators to protect their land and water. Ellen has documented dozens of instances of environmental damage to her property during construction thus far. Evidence of sedimentation, spills, improper erosion controls, and more are all available.

This legal bullying adds insult to injury for the Gerhart family, who already have had their land seized and destroyed via eminent domain to enable ETP to build the natural gas liquids pipeline through their property. The Gerharts have never given Sunoco permission to enter their property.

Ellen & Elise Gerhart


  • This is indeed outrageous. She needs to be allowed to stay on her own property and ETP needs to stop this pipeline NOW

  • We all stand with Ellen and Elise as we would stand for our families and our own homes. This should not happen anywhere in the world. This is disgraceful behavior by employees of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on behalf of a private entity, Energy Transfer Partners, for private gain. No one should tolerate such corrupt undemocratic actions, especially those who believe in the rule of law.

    When the law is used for the benefit of private greed, while using public resources (the police) to enforce theft, no person of a fair and just mind can continue to support such a system. Our legal system is suppose to serve as a pillar of our democracy. Shame on the local Shariff, ETP, the judge involved and the Governor and elected Representatives of Pennsylvania who have not acted on behalf of their constituents to further a stable economy and environment for PA. Pure greed and corruption here in PA.

  • In the real United States, the one of the people, for the people, by the people, not the corporations, Energy Transfer Partners would be paying fines and the executives would be serving time for this. We need people like Ellen Gerhart far more than we need the corporate bullies of Energy Transfer Partners.

  • Good for you, Ellen for standing up! I’ll phone in the morning to make sure they give you your medication. I admire your courage. I’ll be spreading the word about you and making a donation to help you.

  • Good for you , Ellen! I admire your courage. I’ll share your story and try to get you more support and donations out here in California! Thank you for taking a stand. Lynne

  • SOLIDARITY, Ellen. I am posting on Better Path Coalition Facebook page.
    We fully support you.
    I’m suggestingyour local townships supervisors and state representatives also hear from the public.
    Love and light surrounding you, Stay Strong!

  • Love and support to the Gephardt’s. The Huntington Co. Deputies have acted cowardly and are stooges of ETP. The quote from the founder is Life, Liberty and “a new concept (land reform) ” private property.
    Why is a multi national Company allowed to abuse our laws, harass our citizenry and threaten our way of life for their profit.
    All Ms Geghardt is doing is what she wants trained to do. Track abrant behavior.

  • this sickens me. I watched a video a while back, Gasland, where a man filmed damages done by similar if not the same organization. It is unimaginable to know that an agency can steal your land and get away with it.

  • Talk about government overreach!! On her own property? No. It wasn’t overreach. It was trespassing by the government and all who invaded her property should be arrested.

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