Family, it has begun.

The bulldozers have arrived and I have witnessed the sight of several hundreds-years-old trees ripped and shattered into toothpicks.

#EnergyTransferPartners is preparing to create, or widen to, a 100 foot wide, 174 mile long scar across our lands and waters.

The true cost of this project lies not on the corporate ledger, but on the backs of around 400 Louisiana landowners who have had their land ripped from them for the profit of a few outsiders. It is carried by the anxiety of the United Houma Nation, as a portion of the 30,000 people depending on Bayou LaFourche for their drinking water. It can be felt burning, in the freed-slave founded community of Freetown in St. James – where deadly cancer is often as common as a cold. It lies in the families living in the Basin, whose Acadian legacy of wild-caught crawfishing is criminally endangered due to the casual slaughter of one industry by another. It can be found in the rising flood waters, as the miles and miles of wetlands are lost. It lies in the steel, cold, echo of life displaced and/or permanently eliminated.

All of this for 12 long term jobs from a human rights-violating company, which has the worst spill record in the US.

We have signed petitions, written comments, and spoke out at their hearings. We have called out to our public officials, as well as state and federal agencies. We have canvassed, held signs, and given trainings.
We have tried to work within their processes, yet we have not been heard. While this is disheartening, the struggle is far from being over.

We need you.

Many of you signed the Pledge to Resist, the majority of those pledges have come from across this state, and in particular South Louisiana. I’m writing this to tell you that it is time.

Please go to to see how you can join with the water protectors of L’eau Est La Vie Camp – No Bayou Bridge to support this effort in some way. Even in just agreeing to volunteer, canvass, monitor, cook, host a teach-in or training, help with the land, or whatever is your thing, you will be helping to stop this pipeline. No role is too small.

Please come tomorrow as we go to court to exercise our public right to know the truth about this company. Details here:

I’ll be going live later about what is happening now, will try to give you the heads up first.

Much love, please pray for our water protectors – that all will be strong, smart, and protected.

Article and Photos by Cherri Foytlin

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