From Confluence Democracy:

PINCKNEY/HELL, MICHIGAN – In the wake of Standing Rock, Energy Transfer Parters is currently building a 42″ inch fracked gas pipeline that will run through multiple states; the new alternative route comes dangerously close to waterways and communities. Eminent Domain was used and abused like usual and Snyder’s government and agencies like FERC have been supportive of Rover. The project will piggyback into the Vector pipeline and after being refined, the vast majority of the gas is likely to be sold on the international market.

Two young brave michiganders, Jennifer Hudz Nelz and Matthew Borke are taking a stand against Rover and have been tirelessly monitoring the construction for months. They have already found and reported several violations to the MDEQ. Rover cuts through many wetland areas and the pipes are literally sitting in the water. Construction sites are flooding and constantly need to be pumped and if anything ultimately goes wrong, the surrounding wells and entire drinking supply of Ann Arbor could be affected. Energy Transfer Partners has one of the worst safety records in the industry and has been rushing pipelines all over the country. A proper evacuation plan is not in place for Pinckney in the event of a disaster… Michigan was already the site of the worlds largest inland spill in history when the Kalamazoo River was inundated with tar sands oil as a result of Enbridge. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when… especially when corners are cut and safety is taken for granted… putting these pipelines so close to water and homes is cavalier and dangerous and a lesson Michigan has already learned the hard way.

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