Communities working together to protect water, air, land, and sacred sites from the company behind the Dakota Access, Bayou Bridge, Trans-Pecos, Mariner, and Rover pipelines.

Latest Updates

Press Release: Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Told to “Do Your Job” as Communities Rally to Stop Bayou Bridge Pipeline

(Baton Rouge) Days after yet another accident at Exxon, the beleaguered Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality came under fire from communities impacted by pollution throughout the state. The agency, long seen as a protector of industry rather than people, was the site of a rally in which Louisiana residents called on the agency to call…

Breaking: Ohio Attorney General Sues Energy Transfer Partners over Environmental Violations

Today, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine filed suit against Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners Rover Pipeline, to collect $2.4 million in civil penalties remanded to his office by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. This comes after months of public calls from Ohioans for action following Energy Transfer’s repeated Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act violations.…

URGENT: Mariner East II Construction Crews Approaching Camp White Pine

URGENT: Construction crews are closing in on both sides of Camp White Pine. For nearly two years, Elise and Ellen Gerhart, along with many allies, have been holding tree sits on their property to defend their land from Energy Transfer Partners’ Mariner East II Pipeline. The project would destroy their family’s land in order to…

Breaking: Drilling Halt on Mariner East II Pipeline Upheld by PA Public Utilities Commission

Breaking news today out of the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission, as reported on the website for the West Goshen Township: At their October 26, 2017 public meeting the PUC AFFIRMED Judge Barnes’ July 24, 2017 Decision and Order by a vote of 4-0.  The PUC affirmation of Judge Barnes’ Decision and Order continues the halt of any…

Blog: Communities Pay The Price for Pipelines

Co-written by Waterkeeper Alliance Staff Attorney Larissa Liebmann and Atchafalaya Basinkeeper Staff Attorney Misha Mitchell In 2017, Sunoco Logistics Partners (Sunoco) merged with, and changed its name to, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the company behind the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. Through this merger, ETP combined two companies with dubious incident and compliance histories. The Pipeline…

Press release: Pressure on Governor Edwards for Environmental Impact Statement Intensifies

End Point of Bayou Bridge Site of Significant Oil Spill Already this Year (Baton Rouge) Louisiana residents’ calls for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline intensified today as groups again went to the Governor’s mansion and capitol office, continuing to call on the Governor to exercise his authority and ask the…

Report: Norway sovereign wealth fund to review ethics of ETP investments

The Council on Ethics for Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is assessing whether Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) violated the fund’s guidelines for responsible investment, reported Reuters today. Similar reviews in the past has led to divestments, such as the fund’s 2015 decision to sell off more than $8 billion of investments in coal and related industries.…

Press Release: Energy Transfer Partners’ Rover Pipeline Cited for Ongoing Spill of Gasoline-Laced Water into Michigan Wetlands

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Citation adds to long list of environmental damages along Energy Transfer Partners’ pipeline routes. Pinckney, Michigan — Today, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality cited Rover Pipeline LLC, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners, for spilling gasoline in an ongoing, days-long discharge of over 100 gallons of water per minute…

PRESS RELEASE: Family and Supporters Engaged in Pipeline Protest Seek Relief from Rights Violations

Four Pennsylvania residents filed a federal lawsuit on Monday alleging that their constitutional rights to protest were violated by pipeline operator Energy Transfer Partners and others acting on their behalf.

PRESS RELEASE: Coalition to Stop Parent Company of DAPL Rallies at Energy Transfer Partners HQ in Dallas

Today, hundreds of activists rallied and stood in solidarity with communities who have been impacted by Energy Transfer Partners’ pipelines.

Who We Are

We are a growing coalition of communities and organizations that care deeply about our rights to clean water, clean air, a stable climate, and a democratic society.

We believe that landowners and indigenous tribes have the right to determine what happens to their land. But Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), a giant oil company based in Texas, has been consistently violating those rights in their drive to build new oil and gas pipelines. And along the way, communities have suffered.

The Impact

When Energy Transfer Partners builds their pipelines, compressor stations, and other projects, this is what happens:

Water is polluted. ETP and their subsidiaries are responsible for a record 317 pipeline spills in the last 11 years.[1][2][3]

Indigenous sovereignty is violated. ETP destroys sacred sites and does not pursue consent from tribal governments to build new pipelines.[4]

Landowners rights are violated. ETP pursues eminent domain for private profit, forcing landowners to sign over easements.[5] Landowners are consistently lied to about risks, and often do not receive the compensation they are promised.[6]

Air is polluted. ETP’s leaky pipelines rely on compressor stations and processing plants that emit chemicals known to be harmful to humans, animals and the climate.

The climate is harmed. ETP’s pipeline projects are mostly intended to deliver oil and gas to foreign markets. The climate loses, and nobody gains except ETP.[7]

What We Want

We demand that Energy Transfer Partners’ proposed and existing operations meet the following social and environmental criteria:

Water – Cause no water pollution;

Public Health – Cause no health-harming air pollution;

Indigenous Rights – Recognize and respect Indigenous sovereignty, including the right to say “No”;

Community Rights – Respect the rights of residents and property owners to protect themselves from harm;

Climate – Meet the climate test[8] to ensure the world does not exceed 1.5ºC temperature rise;

Accountability – Pay and commit to clean up existing water and air pollution, and to compensate those already harmed.

What We're Doing About It

We are building a movement to #StopETP and protect our communities. Everywhere ETP shows up, we will be there to say NO.

Sometimes that means filing lawsuits and encouraging decision makers to say no to ETP’s projects. Sometimes that means exposing ETP’s history of environmental and human rights violations and educating our communities about the dangers of this company. And sometimes it means setting up camp in the pipeline’s path.

Our health, our water, our air, our climate, and our democracy demand it.

Organizations Involved

We are a growing coalition of groups that represent millions of people including many communities directly impacted by ETP’s pipeline projects:, 350 DC, 350 Louisiana, Alamosa Riverkeeper, Appalachia Resist!, Bates Environmental Coalition, Bold Iowa, Bold Louisiana, Blair County Coalition for Public Safety, Cahaba Riverkeeper, Climate March, Coastal Carolina Riverwatch, Crystal Coast Waterkeeper, Earthworks, Els Verds – Alternativa Verda, Environmental Stewardship, Food & Water Watch, Friends for Environmental Justice, Foundation for Economic Democracy, Goshen United for Public Safety, Hurricane Creekkeeper, Indigenous Environmental Network, Lakota People’s Law Project, Milwaukee Riverkeeper, Native Organizers Alliance, NoDAPL Global Solidarity, North Louisiana for Earth & Water Justice, Ohio River Citizens Alliance, Oil Change International, Rainforest Action Network, Rising Hearts Coalition, Romero Institute, San Francisco Baykeeper, Sierra Club, Seeding Sovereignty,, Stolen Nation, Waccamaw Riverkeeper, Waterkeeper Alliance, Waterkeepers Chesapeake, Winyah Rivers Foundation… and many more.

Please sign on here to join us.